Our claims for the CombiCoater

The CombiCoater is:

  • A Preduster and breadcrumb applicator
  • Flatbed as well as drumbreader

Flexibility In Crumbing & Coating

  • Pre-dust under an extra wide curtain of flour gives better coverage
  • Pre-dust with drum evenly covers thoroughly + spreads products evenly over the complete belt width
  • When using breadcrumb you’ll soon notice the delicate handling of crumb inside the machine
  • Breadcrumbs are lifted with scoops to eliminate the grinding that traditional screw-type crumb transporters use
  • Optional roller and vibrating plate to attach more crumb to the product

By using a single machine for pre-dusting or bread-crumbing, flatbed as well as a drum breader reduces changeovers, idle time, cleaning cost and floor space for machines that often stand idle.

The CombiCoater Sanitary coating machine designed with clean-ability in mind

Optimal hygiene is achieved through clever features such as

  • Full and luscious coverage of wet products by extra high capacity curtain ensures there will be no free liquids contaminating the machine
  • Opened drive of the curtain belt when the hood is open makes cleaning easy
  • Blower system rounded design and cleanable with high pressure
  • Encased drive shaft of the drum sweeper arm, no motor right above product area no contamination risk
  • Casters integrated in the cabinet

Intuitive Touchscreen Features

The next step in communication with a machine in a natural intuitive way

  • Spacious colour touchscreen controls all 9 frequency drives enabling perfect settings for each product stored in recipes
  • Software has fault memory, buttons to make each motor run reverse, amperage readout and other troubleshooting tools, Icons in 3D pictures on the screen are very clear for any language operator
  • Safety switch recognition, no more guessing which switch is triggered, the touchscreen informs this information

size of combicoaterSummary of Features

  • Fast empty mode to change to a different coating material in minutes
  • Easy and quick change-over from drum to flatbed results in wanting to use Combo Coater for more applications
  • Reliable level sensor automatically keeps optimal breading level in the machine
  • New led technology warning for empty hopper (yellow) or drive fault (red)
  • Air knife adjustable in sharpness, height, angle and direction provides perfect blow-off over the width of the belt
  • Blower is frequency driven
  • CombiCoater provides a very flexible coating machine to work with

CombiCoater as a drumbreader

Ideal for Southern fried products

Is your company ready for dedicated equipment

Our CombiCoater is the perfect piece of equipment for your productionline, the Symotab CombiCoater is flexibel (flatbelt and drumbreader) and an ease for the operators.

Please check out the video below, it speaks for itself!

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