CombiCoater Drumbreader

Development in the purest, the drumbreader of Symotab

Why buy equipment that can do the job when there is equipment that was made for it!

Tossing around in a nice bed of predust, the CombiCoater has a drum easy to install and fully adjustable in speed. The product makes several controlled flips in the predust for an excellent coverrage and the drumbreader positions the finished product over the complete beltwidth.

Ideal for Southern Fried products

The Drumbreader coating machine designed with functionality and clean-ability in mind


Flexibility, the name of the game

Flatbed, Single flip or Drumbreader
Predust up to fine to medium breadcrumb applicator
This combined with Wizz-cosity and temperature measurement WOW

Is your company ready for dedicated equipment

Our CombiCoater is the perfect piece of equipment for your productionline, the Symotab CombiCoater is flexibel (flatbelt and drumbreader) and an ease for the operators.

Please check out the video below, it speaks for itself!

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