Operation system made easy

The plc dashboard of the Symotab CombiCoater is MADE for the operator.

Our flexible CombiCoater is operated by persons who operate a complete production line, the operational adjustments must be quick and easy, thats why the Symotab CombiCoater has a operator proof touchscreen which is made really easy in control and adjustment.

Within seconds you will be able to change setting and program them in the menu.

To the overview

Flexibility, the name of the game

Flatbed, Single flip or Drumbreader
Predust up to fine to medium breadcrumb applicator
This combined with Wizz-cosity and temperature measurement WOW

Is your company ready for dedicated equipment

Our CombiCoater is the perfect piece of equipment for your productionline, the Symotab CombiCoater is flexibel (flatbelt and drumbreader) and an ease for the operators.

Please check out the video below, it speaks for itself!

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