the Wizz Cup, Symotab and Valentine have a special relationship

Valentines day 2023 marks yet another remarkable introduction:

the Wizz Cup

Wizz cup is a unique digital viscosity and temperature measuring device for batter and tempura.
Wizz cup design came about during an attempt to get closer to the universe on board of a popular and highly successful European airline, 10 km above earth.
Wizz cup communicates with a multicoloured lamp and can be moved over a slider to measure product from either the mixer or the dipper.
The unearthly design of the cup has an easy removable bottom. Bottoms are available with a variety of hole diameter for a faster and consistent measurement of either very viscous Tempura or a light milkwash batter.

Green lamp indicates that the last measurement was within set parameters.
After a set time for example 5, 8 or 10 or 20 minutes the light turns red to show the line operator that a next test should be done. The operator only needs to fill the Wizz cup till a steady yellow light turns on. When that light starts to blink, the measurement is happening.

The result is then saved in the screen of Combo Coater. Each line shows date, time, Wizz-cosity and temperature of the sample as well as where the sample was taken from. Temperature of the batter and especially viscosity is the important factor for the right pick-up of coating during the coating proces.

Naturally software to create (Valentine) certificates from Wizz cup data is available. They can accompany every shipment to high end customers that value quality information and traceability. Your customers may feel your love and appreciation for their business!

To the overview

Flexibility, the name of the game

Flatbed, Single flip or Drumbreader
Predust up to fine to medium breadcrumb applicator
This combined with Wizz-cosity and temperature measurement WOW

Is your company ready for dedicated equipment

Our CombiCoater is the perfect piece of equipment for your productionline, the Symotab CombiCoater is flexibel (flatbelt and drumbreader) and an ease for the operators.

Please check out the video below, it speaks for itself!

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