Valentines Day, a special day for our CombiCoater

Valentines day today, is also the day 5 years ago that CombiCoater was introduced. It is such a good number 1 drum and flatbed breader that we gave it her own website:

As a preduster it saves a lot of uninteresting manual work by perfectly separating also sticky just tumbled bites or freshly cut strips, wings bone in or boneless, vegetable snacks, shrimps.

As a final breader, last step before heating, Combicoater connects all powder to the product and due to it’s gentle pressure massage in the 900mm diameter drum that runs smooth on rails with a full bag of powder in it, there is no waste, no loose powder balls to throw away.

Consistent throughput, perfect spreading over beltwidth also from sticky products, no one product can escape from being coated all around evenly, low maintenance, the all metric EU design CombiCoater is made with standard “around the corner” available parts. It comes with a tool to remove the drum effortlessly and safe so that thorough cleaning is made easy

To the overview

Flexibility, the name of the game

Flatbed, Single flip or Drumbreader
Predust up to fine to medium breadcrumb applicator
This combined with Wizz-cosity and temperature measurement WOW

Is your company ready for dedicated equipment

Our CombiCoater is the perfect piece of equipment for your productionline, the Symotab CombiCoater is flexibel (flatbelt and drumbreader) and an ease for the operators.

Please check out the video below, it speaks for itself!

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